2011 Europeans – Ireland

Race 3: Broke rig. Running. 4th at the time and on way to finish. 20 knots puffs to 28. last run to finish. Crew behind backstay in puffs- reaching on run with pole. Made the jibe. Had been going for 15-20 seconds on new jibe. Pole still to leeward, main somewhat luffing. Rig went over bow. Mast rotated hard in step. Step opened up (bent on sides). Had to pull out step and straighten. At least two (maybe three) people fell out of boats and had to be retrieved. Xavier broke rig right behind us. Mast in 2 pieces.

Day 2: Likely unable to sail tomorrow and/or Thursday. Wednesday looks like a maybe. Results Twitter

Day 1: We went out for one race today, but were sent back to shore before the start

time. There was 25 on the course, but 38 in the harbor. When we got in, it
rained for the afternoon (pic attached). No wind for some time, and then
nice sunshine and medium breeze around 6pm.
35 knots plus was reported both North and South of us when they cancelled
for the day.Storm

Practice Day: Not much wind. Went to see guiness brewery today. Some photos of club and bay too. Locals saying it is odd to see the sun. we are in for a few days of bad weather.
Club YardGuiness Breweryviewp1010019clubGuinnessInside Brewery