1st SSL Finals Grand Slam – $40,000 prize money

1st Cr914 Nationals

1st SSL Lake Slam- $25,000 prize money

7th Star NA’s (pulled out forestay, and lost two races)

2nd Big Boat series – IRC, Boomerang – tactician

1st Rollins Bowl, SDYC, Star

1st Snipe PCC’s, CYC

6th Snipe Nationals, MBYC

13th Senior Sabot Nationals

13th SDYC NOOD, J70 Main trim

2nd Chicago NOOD F40 tactician


31st J70 KWRW –tactician, main trim

23rd J70 Tampa winter series 2 –tactician, main trim

6th J70 Tampa winter series 3 –tactician, main trim

13th J70 Bacardi Cup –tactician, main trim

20th J70 Charleston race week –tactician, main trim

14th J70 Annapolis NOOD –tactician, main trim


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